The Difference Between Artificial Turf Mats And Suspended Assembled Floors

It can also be used as a floor covering material, but the characteristics displayed by artificial turf mats and suspended assembled floors are quite different. Although each has its own advantages, it seems that artificial turf mats are more popular at present, of course, in some occasions It will also require the use of suspended floors.

First of all, one of the significant advantages of suspended assembled flooring is its simple construction; secondly, its mobility is relatively strong; and its colors are relatively bright and not easy to fade. In contrast, the cleaning of suspended assembled floors is relatively easy. The bad side of floating assembled floor is that it will expand and contract with the change of weather. If you don't pay attention to it, it will easily deform.

Next is the introduction of artificial turf floor mats. Its superiority is comparable to natural turf and has a relatively natural softness. At the same time, it also makes up for the lack of suspended assembled floors and is not limited by natural conditions such as weather. Use around the clock.

Because the artificial turf mat is made of high-quality materials and advanced work, its tensile strength, firmness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, aging resistance, color fastness, etc. have reached a very high level. Level, so even if it is used for a long time, it is not easy to be damaged, and its average service life reaches 6-8 years of use.

The artificial turf mat is also designed with the principle of imitation ecology, so that the foot feel of the athlete on the mat and the rebound speed of the ball are very close to those on the natural turf and have good water permeability. It is precisely because of the above-mentioned advantages that the use of artificial turf mats is becoming more and more widespread, gradually replacing natural turf applications in various fields.

Post time: Jan-06-2023