Non-Sand Filled Golf Putting Green

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Non-Sand Filled Putting Green needs no sand-infill, so it’s suitable for mini and indoor golf courses. It employs 100% polyethylene, making the roll speed as high as the sand-filled type.

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Non-Sand Filled Putting Green needs no sand-infill or re-sanding, so it's suitable for miniature and indoor golf courses. It employs 100% polyethylene, making the roll speed as high as the sand-filled type. This product is designed for the chipping distance of 30 yards or less. Non-Sand Filled Putting Green can generally meet your daily golf practice needs with no maintenance problems bothering your life.

Non-Sand Filled Putting Green
Non-Sand Filled Putting Green2
Non-Sand Filled Putting Green3

Brief Spec

YARN PE/6000Dtex/dark+light green
GAUGE 3/16 inch
PRIMARY BACKING PP Anti-UV backing +mesh


Non-Sand Filled Putting Green provides you a more even and stable surface while restoring the characteristics of a real golf lawn. It has great playability and top quality experience, and no scuffing or skidding sounds will be heard when you strike a putt. Its natural look are constructed to stand firm and wear well. You won't have to pay a technician to keep it in good state. You just need to sweep it off once in a while. Non-Sand Filled Putting Green creates the most convenient and efficient golf putting green for you, and if you are looking for exactly what we provide, this product won't disappoint you in the long run.

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Non-Sand Filled Putting Green4
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Why Your Backyard Deserves Some Green

1. Full Customization
Have you ever spent a day on a range and not cared for the setup? Maybe you didn’t like the turf placement or the hole placement. Maybe the holes were too challenging or not challenging enough.
Whatever the case may be, you won’t have to worry about that with your own putting green. When installing putting green in your own backyard, you have full customization options. You can make it as challenging or simple as you’d like.
2. Batter Mental State
Golfing has a way of easing the mind, allowing you to release all your stress from the day and concentrate on the now. When you’re on the green, you’re relaxed and find yourself in a better mental state. Whenever you feel stressed, anxious, or angry, you can walk outside and hit a few rounds.
3. Improved Golf Skills
As with any sport or skill, practice often makes perfect, or close to. If you’re a professional golfer looking to become a professional, or simply want to be the best you can be, then you’ll want putting green in your backyard. With a course in your own backyard, you’ll find much more time to practice. As time goes by, you’ll see an improvement in your golfing skills.
4. Increased Home Value
If you were a home buyer looking for a new home purchase, what would you think after stumbling upon a home with a putting green in the backyard? It’s sure to bring some wanted attention to the house. It’s a great way to increase the selling price of the house if you were to ever move. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance, the green will last you for years to come and is a sure way to impress both the neighbors and home buyers.

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